Honor Him

“All the current discourse that occurs around social justice, what the world should be like, what kind of utopia we should exist in and other arguments for pure equality can really be reduced to an individual mental war occurring in the minds of these people. An individual, internal battle that we all fight on the inside, and that all of these people are losing. A mental battle between the forces of virtue, nobility, true kindness & generosity and success, and the forces of vices, debauchery, unrelenting compulsions and failure; a battle that is always occurring in the background and that we should be wary of at all times.”

A gladiator is born when the divine duty to serve something greater than life meets a soul that is ready for that task. There is a gladiator inside all of us, however, it is hard to charge into a shield of thorns, which protects the achievements we seek. An achievement is not merely an aesthetic thing. It is not essentially something that enhances somebody’s image or legacy. It is proof of the commitment we have towards something. Every achievement adds to the proof we have accumulated showing our commitment. That is why a gladiator is never satisfied with any number of achievements. They know they will have to put their life on the line for another achievement in the name of a greater cause.

Those gladiators cannot give themselves glory for those achievements. The best thing we can do is honor them for giving their lives in the name of something beyond humanity.

As there are gladiators inside us, there are also bums. Those that tell us to relax and that everything is fine as it is, even though there is work to be done. The one that dissuades you from growing.

As the bum exists, the best we can do is show love to that bum inside us. He may not want the best for us, but hating it too much will breed self-hatred. That bum will be always be there, and it is part of who we are for better or for worse.

Recognizing the gladiator and the bum as the eternal conflict in humanity has brought me clarity in times of inequality with constant discourse centered around equality.






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