Doctor Faustus Chapter II: Hand in Earth, Hand in Hell

The good doctor took his last few moments of holiness looking at his notes preparing for what was to come.

“No more princes and princesses”, he thought. “I’m going to create Gods that are beasts and beasts that are God, and revel in our degeneracy”.

This endeavor would take the summoning of just courage.

Doctor Faustus shouted from memory:

“100 grams of stallion hair”

“1 litre of liquid nitrogen”

“1 gallon of goat milk”

He got all his ingredients positioned next to each other on the table.

The voice of his wife rang in his ears, but the door didn’t open.

“If you wanted to see me, scholar, you needed only to mention it”, came this voice from behind.

Doctor Faustus’s eyes widened, but he remained motionless without turning. He expected this could happen, again, he was trifling with outward forces.

“I was expecting you, friend.”

The strange being of the voice did not expect this.

“Though I’m not sure “friend” is the right way to address you.”

“Youthful scholar. By the end of our reunion we shall be much beyond friendship.”, the strange being with the changing voice replied.

“I only say this because, well, I will be chaperoning you across more bodies and innards than a witch doctor during the Black Death. My name is Mephistopheles, and I don’t recommend you shake my hand.”

Faustus held out his hand for help on his quest to revert his morality; his good conscience. What ended up returning his request was none other than the reverted God himself.

Mephistopheles looked noncomitally through the study, scanning coldly with his bright red gaze, prancing about.

“A passion for God’s green Earth?”, he asked.

“Only the part that burns or stings after touch”, the good doctor replied.

“I thought everything on Earth was like that”, Mephistopheles said.

“If I could only tell you about how I much I despaired over things I have never touched”, the doctor remarked, holding back rage. “Now I can see what it would have been like to finally destroy all that I have hated and…”

“That shall be enough”, Mephistopheles’s voice echoed for abnormally long.

“That you have hatred is enough to seal our pact, I need not listen to the entire shpiel.”

The doctor was ready to accept any terms. In his mind, eveything he had was worthless.

“You will give up all divine right to Heaven. You will also relinquish all attachments that you have made over time. There are no reversals”, Mephsitopheles said.

The good doctor looked up murmured some words and proceeded to accept the terms.

“So, you now have obtained knowledge and passageways into all forbidden realities and truths. Where shall you begin?

“I want to understand why my first love rejected me for another and to destroy the man that did earn her respect”, the good doctor said, looking into the dark red gaze without flinching.






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