Welcome to my cavern with my Irate Insights.

Morbid Curiosity?

Welcome to absolute freedom.

Fuck all your insidious control: Fuck modernity, fuck algorithms. Where is the freedom you promised us, Adam Smith? Wasn’t technology supposed to free us?

Anti-Algorithm Thought

The point of this website is to be a compilation of short stories free of all insidious control. It’s not a blog, because I won’t be strictly blogging, I’ll mainly be venting. And I mean that in the most edgy and confrontational way possible, I express my craft through my antagonisms. And my main antagonist is control.

Internet is supposed to be about freedom. Instead it is full of algorithms that determine us. It tells us what we want before we can even decide it. We are all just waves in a huge ocean.

But, wherever there is an ocean there is freedom. So, welcome to my little cave on the shore.

  • What if the Sun had a liveable surface? (Part 1)

    The Sun. A mass of boiling power. A source of warmth and decay a million miles away. But also just inches away. Upon the surface of the Sun, invisible to the human eye, rest boxes with millions of inhabitants inside who feed on the Sun’s energy. The boxes isolate heat and regulate its entry, allowing […]

  • Trapped in a modern world

    A boy sat in his house in front of his computer. I’m sure you can relate. He wastes hours and hours staring at the screen. A bystander would think the boy an idle mannequin, glued to the chair with eyes wide and still. It’s because he’s not here, he’s in his world. In his world, […]

  • A sold set of eyes (short story)

    I woke on a summer’s morning that felt equal parts joyful and sticky. The Sun shone through the window of my blue chamber. I got up and did my usual process, I put on my hat and my blazer, which I thought fit my bushy beard nicely. Truthfully, I was nervous about giving a good […]