Morality is in the bin.

The moral values that have been a staple of the west; strength, courage, honor, have been replaced.

These days, it is “courageous” to stand back and just say the right thing, watching and not intervening in any wrongdoing.

These days, honor means standing behind while others do the the dirty work.

These days, strength means to allow yourself any ass-kicking necessary (either giving or receiving them) if it means there’s a sweet little reward for you at the end.

Our metaphorical balls as a society are being shriveled more and more. So I welcome you to my pub to share Irate Insights.

This writing is for somebody special to me, who showed me how much words can inspire out of seemingly nowhere.

  • A sold set of eyes (short story)

    I woke on a summer’s morning that felt equal parts joyful and sticky. The Sun shone through the window of my blue chamber. I got up and did my usual process, I put on my hat and my blazer, which I thought fit my bushy beard nicely. Truthfully, I was nervous about giving a good…